they called her an idiot. They called her stupid. They called her immature. They said she should keep her mouth shut. They said she was inexperienced. They told her to never write again. They called her childish. They said there is a time for women to speak up and a time for women to be quiet. They said that she should stop using the word sexist because she doesn’t understand what it means. They told her that posting her opinion meant that she should expect to be publicly roasted and humiliated. They said it was her fault that they were responding the way they were. They said that all women are oversensitive. They said that feminists are all dangerous. They told her LinkedIn wasn’t the place for an article like this, one that was focused on her perspective of women in business. They told her to stop writing until she was a grownup and had something real to contribute to society. They told her to never share her opinion again.
I’m Completely Disgusted By LinkedIn Users Today
Jennifer Aldrich

WTAF? I recognize- but will never understand or condone- that the internet seems to drive people give in to their baser natures, but this really is surprising and disgusting.

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