By Josh Coon, Mike DiCaprio & Ken McVeagh

Let’s face it, as marketers we’ve had our hands in the digital cookie jar for a long time. For far too long, if we’re being honest. We’ve had unfettered access to some problematic consumer data for years. We’ve been able to target, retarget and track consumers without their consent. This nearly unlimited data collection that third-party cookies has offered both marketers and brands has made us both fat and happy.

The lid, however, is now snapping shut on the cookie jar, and we have to figure out what to do next.

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The formative growth of the internet and the rise of social and digital platforms are a vast infrastructure project designed to deliver information. The foundation created over the last two decades has been the catalyst for a new age of publishing. It’s a generational paradigm shift that has removed the traditional gatekeepers that have long controlled what is released to the public while democratizing the tools of creation to make production attainable for anyone. This has allowed for content to be created with a volume, frequency and authenticity that are unprecedented in history. Right now, on TikTok, a teenage dancer…

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We’re fortunate as marketers to work in a wildly creative industry, one that allows us to tell countless compelling stories of all the different kinds of brands we partner with. Creating those stories often affords us opportunities to work with the best tools and the best talent, and to travel to inspiring locations that bring all that work to life. In many ways, these luxuries have become baked in to our creative processes in the name of aspiration and engagement.

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Have you noticed that there have been some new (old) things showing up in retailers for the first time in decades? Records now sit alongside turntables on the shelves of mass retailers like Target and Walmart. Kodak is producing more analog film than they have in years, even reviving long-dead formats like Ektachrome. Books are back, board games are popular again and there is more interest in shopping local stores, restaurants and breweries than at any point in modern memory.

Why is this? Why the return of things long pronounced dead or replaced by new technology?

We live in a…

Content marketing can be an overwhelming journey for any marketer.

It’s daunting. I get it.

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As someone who has led content-marketing efforts for brands over the last decade, I have seen the pitfalls that lie along the way, and, honestly, I’ve blundered into more than a few bear traps.

But I have also seen the value content marketing can bring to brands at all levels and the real emotional connections it has fostered between brands and their audience.

I’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind as you approach a content-marketing program for your brand.

1. It’s not…

By Ken McVeagh & Josh Coon

To quote one the most important intellectuals of our generation,

“To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems” — Home Simpson
“To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems” — Home Simpson

With any great moment of satire, the hidden truth is what makes it so insightful. The brewing and beverage industries have been in a period of rapid change for over a decade and have not shown any signs of slowing. Systemic change has caused problems for some, while creating opportunities for others.

Whether it’s new styles of beer that may or may not become the next big thing, startup breweries sprouting up in every community across the country, or the proliferation of other adult-beverage…

Josh Coon

Experience Director for Truth Collective

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