Four Things I Want You To Know Right Now

Christmas can sometimes be a season where things get so busy that we lose sight of what matters most… I thought that I would share some of my heart with you as we move into a busy season getting to do something that we love together!

If you’re a ministry leader then chances are these are just the tip of the iceberg for you and there are more than just four things! These four seemed to jump out at me today.

Your talent isn’t my top priority, your heart is.

Your ability to learn both the lead and rhythm guitar parts blows my mind. Thank you for playing in the pocket and sticking to the click. Our family of artists is incredibly talented. I love your attention to detail and your passion for our corporate worship experiences. None of it matters unless you are deeply and passionately chasing after the heart of God. Your relationship with Christ is directly proportionate to your ability to lead others. If input=output then my number one desire is that your heart is in the right place because when it is, you shine the light of Christ both on and off the stage! Leading worship happens more off the stage than it does on it.

More than ever I’m learning that this ministry is for ANYBODY! But, it isn’t for everybody.

The bar is high. Really high. I didn’t put it there, i’m just the guy who makes sure everyone knows right where it is. It’s high on purpose because excellence honors God and inspires others. This means that often times we have to turn away people who just aren’t ready. What I love about our team and ministry is that although it may not be for everybody it’s open to anybody who wants an opportunity to explore this area of serving in The Kingdom.

We are blessed beyond measure.

You know those in ear monitors you get to wear every week? Those aren’t standard issue at every church. Drummers, how well does your entire kit fit in your car? Because chances are if you were serving somewhere else you might be hauling it back and forth… a lot. We are blessed more that we often see! I never want to lose sight of all that God has done and will continue to do in this place and through this team. It’s not our stuff, it’s Gods stuff and we get to use it to do amazing things!

Serving is a privilege and an honor.

If our time together really is our response to God for who he is and what he has done then we better bring IT. If it really is our chance as a body to proclaim his name loudly, to approach him humbly, then why would we offer anything but the very best offering we have?

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