Written by: Josh Daghir, Sr. Strategist, R/GA Ventures &
Peter Smith, Global Head of Data, R/GA

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The Business Case for Data Ethics

In the race for organizations to become more data-driven, a focus on data ethics can be lost. However, according to a double-blind survey conducted by Cisco, on average, every dollar invested in privacy returned $2.70 in benefit, with 70% of organizations reporting they receive significant business benefits from privacy…

A new data paradigm for a quickly changing world

Buy online, pick up in-store: Up 208%.
Zoom corporate accounts: Up 354%.
Telehealth: Up 4,345%.

As impressive as this growth is, what’s more important is that these changes are here to stay:

The Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio created an environment for emerging startups to test and launch blockchain systems with viable use cases. In this article, we’ll uncover the blockchain-based pilots and partnerships being deployed between our corporate partners and the emerging tech solutions found in the startup ecosystem.

Written by Josh Daghir and Benjamin Diggles

When Bitcoin crashed in 2018, many analysts called the decentralization movement “dead.” Global corporations were highly scrutinized for exploring distributed ledger technology.

However, behind the scenes, many of the world’s leading companies were working hard to secure strategies to absorb the technology principles to develop…

So far, we’ve written about building a minimum viable brand and designing an effective user experience for startups as part of our “process” series. But before we help companies grow and scale, we first need to find them.

Using our Macquarie Capital Venture Studio as a case study, this piece highlights the sourcing process that guides our thinking as we connect the dots from opportunity to solution: in this case, as we identify the drone startups that can add value to Macquarie’s owned and operated assets.

Pictured: R/GA Ventures SkySpecs case study

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio

The Macquarie Capital Venture Studio kicked off in February 2018 with a mandate to…

Wyc Grousbeck, Managing Partner and Governor of the Boston Celtics, speaks with Andrew Siegel, President of Growth Strategies at American City Business Journals

At the end of last year, some of the biggest names in sports filled into the W Hotel in New York City to discuss the unprecedented influx of big money into the sports industry. Hosted by SportsBusiness Journal, the inaugural Dealmakers in Sports conference brought together not only team owners and league commissioners, but also media executives, venture capitalists, tech company founders, and more.

Who are the New Dealmakers?

“Most teams are family-owned, legacy, historical…they need to be better updated. The deals to be made in sports going forward will be in the supporting tech and media businesses.”

— Wyc Grousbeck, Managing Partner and Governor…

Josh Daghir

Sr. Strategist @RGAVentures

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