A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Hardbound Update
Nathan Bashaw

Thank you for your honestly and your willingness to share. This heartfelt.

A few ideas:
Make it a platform. Others might want to use the app to create their own stories. Would they pay for that ability? Something to be tested.

Offer a service to authors. Take their book, and make it into a hardbound story. They pay for the cost of creating that as a marketing expense, and it builds the hardbound content.

Take the hardbound stories and turn them into YouTube videos. Add a voice over, you already have some of the animation. This could extend your reach and find new readers.

Offer a service making hardbound stories of the history of a company. Would Facebook pay for their company history in hardbound format? Perhaps.

Regardless of what you chose, I think highly of the product, and more importantly you.

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