Josh Davidson
2 min readMar 23, 2020

Tenets of the Maladjusted is a film by Alexandria native Chris Kiros. The film, no matter how outlandish some of the scenarios are, supposedly is based on real incidents that have happened in his life or to his friends.

The movie starts out a little slow in the first few minutes, but there’s a lot of set up in those first couple of scenes that pay off throughout this raunchy comedy. Once our main characters get out of Old Town Alexandria and arrive at a beach house on the eastern shore of Maryland, hilarity & debauchery ensue.

The film is centered by Robbie Petros, a want to be writer, and his desire to be more than just a bartender and continuing his bachelor lifestyle well into his 30s. He is promised by his friends a weekend away at the beach so he can concentrate on his writing, but secretly his friend, Ian, has arranged for a double-booking of his crazy friend, Letser’s, beach house with a group of hot girls. Once the girls arrive and our guys are able to somehow talk them into staying with them a wacky and possibly predatory neighbor, Yan Zamolla, shows up and things go sideways in a direction no one could have expected!

In the end there are laughs (mostly at the expense of Karl), gasps, a few tender moments and a marked growth in Robbie’s maturity.

I’d recommend this movie, especially if you like American Pie and raunchy comedies in that vein. 4.5 out of 5 thongs!

Screenshot from Tenets of the Maladjusted featuring Alexandra Turshen, Tiffany Shepis & Katie Foster