How To Violently Prevent Trump From Taking Power
Michael Tracey

From Serbu Friearms’ sharing:

“ Wait…so the gun-haters are going to “assemble armed resistance brigades in and around states that voted for Trump”? How’s that going to work? What will they be armed with? Macbooks? Bongs? Dild….uh….you know. And you’ve got to love his fake, “Oh, I’m so against this…but let me go ahead and tell you how to do it. Just don’t do it. I’m really serious!” And if their plan actually did work, it would be up to the House of Representatives to decide the election, and yet he has no idea how that would come out. Well, I’m guessing the Republican-controlled House wouldn’t vote for Hillary, so it’s actually a fairly easy guess as to how it would come out! Aside from all this fantasy, can you imagine if this was how the right-leaning responded when Obama won the election? We’d have never heard the end of it…”

MY take on your ‘suggestion’:

Don’t try it. We have more guns than you and we’re a LOT better with them.

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