It’s Gotta Be The Shoes: My Experience at White River Running Company

So here’s a serious confession: I hate running. Long distance. Sprints. Running for the fun of it. Like I would rather schedule a colonoscopy than go out and run.

I feel like people who like to run for fun are nuts. Maybe I’m just jealous of runner’s stamina and ripped physiques. Maybe it’s because I’m just naturally slow (one of my nicknames in baseball was Turtle). Or it could be because I equate running with some sort of punishment I received growing up playing sports. I’m not totally sure. I should talk about that with a local therapist when I write about their involvement in the community.


For some silly reason, I signed up to run a mini-marathon with my brother in May. He’s a Crossfit enthusiast who works out every day and I’ve been working hard on my dad bod all year. (Results differ from person to person on my program).

So when I thought about getting ready for this race, the first thing I thought about in my preparation is footwear. I started thinking to myself, “It’s gotta be the shoes.” PF Flyers helped Benny the Jet outrun The Beast in Sandlot. Maybe a pair of high-quality running shoes will help me make it through a mini-marathon. Enter White River Running Company to the rescue.

My Experience at White River Running Company

When I entered White River Running Company, I felt a little bit out of my element. I’m slow, not very educated about running shoes, and I’d never been there before. All of my insecurities left though when I met the owner, Brandi Legge.

I first heard of Brandi from my friend and local middle school teacher Mike Reed. He has known her husband Rocky (best name ever) since college and they work together at Northside. He told me if I was ever looking for running shoes, I should go see Brandi. I get why Mike recommended White River Running Company to me.

First, Brandi took the time to listen to my running goals.

She asked me what I was trying to accomplish in my running and then she just listened. I told her about me wanting to run a mini-marathon in May and all about my amazing running skills (lack thereof). I also told her about my ankle injury history that I thought she might want to know.

Second, Brandi took the time to measure my feet and watch me walk without shoes on.

She took me over to a foot measuring device(sorry I have no idea what it is officially called) and measured my feet. Crazy story: my left foot is a half-inch shorter than my right.

Im not gonna lie. It was a little awkward at first to take my shoes off and have a stranger evaluate my gate. However, she made it really valuable by noticing how left ankle turns in a bit. She helped me see how I’d need a little support in this area to prevent injury while running long distances.

Third, Brandi took the time to help me select the right shoe for me.

She went to the back and brought two Brooks shoes for me to choose from. I then walked back and forth in each pair of shoes and Brandi evaluated my gate again. After going through this process, I selected this pair of Brooks shoes.

I’m hoping that my new pair of running shoes from White River Running Company will help me achieve my 3 personal goals for the mini-marathon in May.

  1. Finish
  2. Not get blisters all over my feet
  3. Prepare for the Mill Race Marathon

Thanks to Brandi and White River Running Company for taking the time to properly fit my feet and help get me started in achieving my running goals this year.

Other Cool Facts About White River Running Company

-Weekly group runs

-Free Shoe Company Demo Runs

-Dog Run Nights

-Nutrition Training

-Sponsored Races

From Their Website

About WRC

White River Running Company (WRRC) is a running specialty store located in Columbus, Indiana that is locally owned and operated by a husband and wife team that are both actively involved in the community. This store was created by taking the positive aspects of all retail stores and offering outstanding customer service. Their objective is having a purpose in our community and always paying close attention to detail. They strive to exceed your standards.

What They Have

At WRRC, you will find the latest running and walking shoes, fitness apparel, accessories and nutrition to fit your active lifestyle. They are involved with walkers, race walkers, runners, triathletes, those with medical conditions and the individual who wants a great fitting comfortable shoe.

Customer Service

Stop in! They are here to educate and listen to what your needs are. Their staff is trained specifically on gait evaluation to properly fit you in the right shoe for your foot. They are trained on shoe brand and support as well as the latest material used so they can explain to you the why’s and how’s on what makes it work for you. They take continuing education to be trained on injuries and injury prevention to also better help with the proper fit. The staff at WRRC is here to have a rewarding career to help others.

Learn More About WRC

If you’d like to learn more about White River Running Company, you can visit them at their store. Their address is: 325 5th St. Columbus, Indiana.

If you’d like to visit their website you can click here.

You can follow them on Facebook here.

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