My Experience at Noble’s Barbershop in Columbus, IN

Josh Burnett (Noble’s Barbershop)

Excuse the cheesy grin but I was excited to try Noble’s Barbershop in Columbus, Indiana

First, I’ve been blessed to have a hairstylist in my family for almost ten years. Recently though, I was walking around downtown Columbus and saw something I had to try. The sign on the door got my attention: “We only charge for cuts, confidence is free.” Maybe I’m a guy that is easily distracted by shiny things but I had to go inside and check it out.

I walked in this morning and felt like I was going to see an old friend. As soon as I walked in, Clint Noble (owner) offered me a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee after saying, “Good morning, How are you buddy?” I wrote my name down on the walk-in list, sat down, and caught up on ESPN’s Sportscenter. The morning conversation in the barbershop focused on the Indianapolis Colts and the possible firing of head coach Chuck Pagano (man talk at its finest).

After a short wait, I took a seat in Clint’s chair and told him how I’d like my hair done. “Fade the sides and back, hard line side part so I can style it to the side.” Don’t worry I had no idea what I was talking about either. Thank God for Google.

Clint chatted me up along the way as he cut my hair, getting to know me and asking me about my family/interests. I told him about how I remembered him as a kid being the scariest pitcher I ever faced at Clifty Park. Let’s just say he threw like a man among PeeWee’s and he was wildly effective. He told me about starting his business six months ago in Columbus and how much he’s enjoying his passion.

Clint Noble taming my mane (Josh Burnett)

Then towards the end of my time in his chair, he whipped something out I’d never seen before: a straight edge razor. I hate to admit it but I was a mix of scared to death and giddy like a schoolgirl when I saw it. My thoughts were a combination of “Please don’t slice my neck open and please make me look ‘on fleek’ as the cool kids say.” I think he succeeded at the latter. Why do you think I have a cheesy grin in my picture?

So why did I take the time to write something about my random haircut on a Monday morning? Because people who work hard deserve recognition. Because good dudes who are trying to bring value to a community should get some love. Because Clint Noble did more than just give me a haircut today, he gave me some confidence on my Monday.

Maybe when you’re walking downtown Columbus, Indiana next time, you’ll see his shop and think like I did: “I should try this place out.” They’ll be sure to take care of your hair and you’ll have a great experience while you’re there. Thanks Clint!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with him or another great barber at Noble’s Barbershop call (812)799–7528 or visit 525 Washington Street, Columbus, IN. You can check out their website here.

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