Only Read This If You Love Zwanzigz Pizza For Lunch

So there I am. It’s a Monday morning at The Ridge and I just got out of a meeting. I’m loving my new job and I’m enjoying the beautiful April weather. Then the question comes into my brain and out of my mouth before I knew what happened.

Josh: “Hey James, want to go to lunch?”

James: “Yeah, sounds good. Where do you want to go?

The Weekly Dilemma

It’s a question that we are faced with each week and possibly every day. Where should I go for lunch in Columbus? For indecisive eaters like myself, I always ask the person immediately back like an annoying parrot, “Where do you want to go?”

If they don’t know what they’re interested in eating, I have one go to place I’ll choose every time for lunch: Zwanzigz.

If you don’t like pizza, I don’t know if we can ever become best friends. We might become acquaintances and even Facebook friends but you can’t be my BFF. Liking or at least tolerating pizza on a weekly basis is on my top 5 list when I’ve done interviews for a best friend, teammate, or wife. Katie tolerates it :)

So I asked if he was cool with Zwanzigz and he said, “yeah” with enthusiasm that made me think my friendship with James might go to the next level quickly.

So we left the office at 11am which got us to Zwanzigz at 11:15. Let’s stop right here for a minute.

Pro Tip

If you can, go to Zwanzigz before 11:30 or after 12:45. You’ll avoid the high school lunch hour which can leave you dazed, confused, and make you feel like you’re an old man or woman.

Ok, where was I?

So we go up to the counter and order the lunch special. After watching James order his, I decided to live on the edge and take a few pointers from his order. Here’s where I’m about to blow your mind with two secret tips that he taught me. It’s the reason I wrote this blog post after eating there yesterday.

Two Secret Tips at Zwanzigz

  1. Order your slice of cheese or three-meat pizza and ask them to cut it in half.

Asking them to cut it in half will reduce the chance of getting your hands, face, or clothes drenched in pizza grease. It will also give you the opportunity to share/trade with your lunch person if they have a different kind than you. (You can thank my friends Bob and Mike for sharing this tip with James)

2. Order their house soda

James always gets the Orange Soda, which I hear is awesome. I personally tried the Black Cherry and loved it! These are a few of their other options shown in the picture. You can even order a growler if you love it!

Instead of getting the normal Coca-Cola fountain options, opt for some of Zwanzigz special-made stuff. You can always get a refill of water or another soda after that. (Might want to check on the refills for regular soda but I’m pretty sure this is ok. If it’s not, I’ll pay for your refill next time I see you.)

So there’s two secret tips to try on your next Zwanzigz experience. I’ve personally been a huge fan of what Zwanzigz has done ever since they first started in a little one-room building on Jonesville Road aka State Road 11. We used to get their pizza every Friday night as a family growing up! I’m glad that I now get the opportunity to have lunch there whenever I get to choose where we go as a group!