NBA Mock Draft Top 10 Predictions & Player Comparisons

Poorly Photoshopped Image of Fultz on the Celtics :p

1. Boston Celtics: PG Markelle Fultz

There is no way Fultz doesn’t go no. 1 he is way too good.

Player Comparison: Better All Around Damian Lillard

2. Phoenix Suns: PG Lonzo Ball

Also with this I know most people think Jackson will go ahead of Ball but I believe Jackson’s jump shot and the Suns’ need for a PG that is seemingly a perfect fit next to Devin Booker, will be enough for the Suns to go for Ball. He’ll never be a great scorer but if his jump shot can work (I’m not sure about this) his ceiling could be around 17 ppg and 10 apg.

Player Comparison: Whatever the T-Wolves thought they were getting from Ricky Rubio when they drafted him over Steph Curry.

3. Los Angeles Lakers: F Josh Jackson

Side note: I REALLY hope they lose their pick because it would be hilarious to see what Magic does if (when (fingers crossed)) they do lose it. As for the pick Jackson’s upside is far too good to fall out of the top 3. A 6' 8" uber-athletic SF that’s already a great defender? The sky is the limit for him he could be like Kawhi Leonard, or Corey Brewer.

Player Comparison: I don’t want to say Wiggins, Butler, or Kawhi so I’m gonna go with Andre Iguodala.

4. Philadelphia 76ers: F Jayson Tatum

I love this kid he is gonna be an incredible player. I believe his jumper is criminally underrated and he will excel from beyond the arc at the next level. His game is just so perfect for the NBA, he could fit on any team and is the perfect prototype small forward in todays NBA. He defends, he shoots, and he flat out scores.

Player Comparison: Danny Granger

5. Orlando Magic: G De’Aaron Fox

If the Magic hadn’t fired Hennigan I’d be worried about them messing up this pick despite there being so much talent in this draft. Fox would be a good pick. Personally I wouldn’t take him over Dennis Smith or Malik Monk but, the Magic will. Fox is speedy. His jumper is the biggest question for him. Will he be able to fix it? I hope so he seemed like a cool guy in this youtube video I saw from Jesser The Lazer (Hillarious NBA 2k Youtuber)

Anyway he seems like a cool guy but I am very skeptical of his jumper it looks a bit damaged, I’m not gonna say broken but we’ll see how it goes in a couple years.

Player Comparison: Rajon Rondo/Very Young John Wall

6. Minnesota Timberwolves: F Jonathan Isaac

Sigh. I hope Isaac is good but I really see no reason at all for him to be drafted in the lottery. He hasn’t shown enough. I’m giving my prediction on how it will go down if the lottery stays unchanged, not who I would pick. Isaac has defensive potential but in my honest opinion he was basically invisible on offense for the past year. He has great “tools” but its about how you use them and I hope he is able to figure them out. The fit on the T-Wolves could be great depending on how Isaac performs, if he remains an awkward tweener that is neither a SF, PF, or C then it could be a problem for him, but if his defense carries over and he bulks up just a bit he could be the perfect front court running mate for Karl Anthony-Towns.

Player Comparison: Al-Faruq Aminu

7. New York Knicks: G Malik Monk

I remember thinking back a couple months ago that there was no way Monk falls out the top 4 the way he is playing. Oh well. Anyway the guy flat out scores. As one of the great 2 guards said: “Men lie, woman lie, BUCKETS DNT”. Yeah this is Monk’s game. Score a bit then score s’more. He was a beast at Kentucky and I expect it to carry over he won’t be a teams first option, but he’ll be guy that can come in and light it up for a few minutes.

Player Comparison: Rodney Stuckey

8. Sacramento Kings: F/C Lauri Markkanen

Player Comparison: Ryan Anderson

9. Dallas Mavericks: G Dennis Smith Jr.

Player Comparison: Sophomore Derrick Rose

10. Sacramento Kings: F/C Zach Collins

Player Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas