Meet the Team: Bridget Carroll

Name: Bridget Carroll.

What do you do at Josh: I work in business development focusing on dealer acquisition, customer relations, marketing and events. Love that every day is dynamic and different, focusing on building strong relationships with integrators and constantly evolving the marketing strategy.

Where are you from originally: I grew up on Cape Cod, MA in the small town of Sandwich (not the PB+J kind) and went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Which office do you work in: Currently I’m working in the Denver office, with plans to relocate to the Santa Monica location next month.

What do you love about the smart home: I am excited about the way it simplifies the way people manage and live in their homes while maximizing their comfort, efficiency and enjoyment.

What are you most excited about over the next few years: The increasing adoption of artificial intelligence and voice control that will have a positive impact on a whole span of demographics. By becoming normalized and gaining acceptance from everyone old, young, healthy or disabled it will enable widespread benefits from the elderly living in their homes independently longer to reducing the number of car accidents with self-driving cars.

iPhone or Android: iPhone (Androids intimidate me even though they do have better picture quality).

What do you do for fun: I love to travel to new places, hike, beach, work-out classes, breweries and trying new restaurants (preferably ones that have a view).

If you could go anywhere, where would it be: Australia is at the top of my list with Greece and South Africa being close runner-ups.

Favorite restaurant in the world: The Lobster Trap on Cape Cod (the seafood just doesn’t compare to living in a land locked state).

Favorite IoT / smart home product: A recent favorite are the Plum lights that I have been using at home. The combination of having a beautiful design with smart technology is beneficial for presence detection to act as a nightlight when you are wandering at night, gesture control to easily adjust with a figure swipe and the ability to integrates with voice controlled scenes.

What is your favorite feature of Josh: The ability to create aliases without having to hardcode a list of commands, allows customers to speak naturally and not have to memorize certain phrases verbatim. Josh delivers the best user-experience by specifically being built for home control with a natural, intuitive interface giving the capability to understand complex commands.

Favorite books / reading material / websites: Love books by my favorite comedians, fiction novels or just fun, light reading on websites such as Elite Daily or BuzzFeed.

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