Why Voice Automation is Different for the CEDIA Home

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Over the last few weeks, we have reviewed why the custom smart home is different from the mass market smart home and talked about which devices are best for the high-end home. One feature that is getting a ton of attention lately is voice. We’ve been writing about voice and publishing articles about its benefits over the course of the last year, from why voice changes everything to the promises and pitfalls of voice as a UI.

Products such as the Amazon Echo, the newly announced Google Home, and the freshly minted Apple Home have gotten people excited about using voice as an interface with their smart devices. But just as the hardware and design of the custom smart home is different than a mass smart home, the voice solution for the custom home is also different than the mass one.


Custom homes require a solution tailored to the homeowner (photo credit)

By definition, a custom home is one that is unique. It has a design that no one else has, with solutions that have been tailored to the homeowner. This also applies to the voice solution. For example, the homeowner should have the option to choose what type of microphone she would like to use, not be forced to use just a single model microphone. Also, some high-end homeowners take great care to protect their privacy, and therefore are not yet comfortable with always-listening solutions. What sort of data are these devices recording? Also, what is to stop any stranger from speaking to one of these devices while at your home to unlock your doors?

Josh.ai is built to be hardware agnostic, working with the Amazon Echo or most any other IP enabled microphone. This means that microphones can be hidden throughout the home, instead of a large piece of hardware that may or may not fit with the design around it. Also, for those that are not comfortable with an always listening device, Josh can be accessed through our app. This means that Josh, and therefore control of your home, can only be accessed through an authorized device.

Regardless of which solution is chosen, the high-end homeowner needs to have the option to choose what she thinks is the best solution for her.

Cutting-Edge Voice Technology

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Aside from always wanting something no one else has, high-end homeowners have a different requirement when it comes to the sheer size of their home to deal with. Take, for example, a 10,000 square foot home. You can expect there to be hundreds of devices in this sort of a setup, including lights, thermostats, speakers, and cameras. To control multiple devices in multiple rooms, you would have to speak multiple commands. For example:

Turn off the lights in the library
Set the pool temperature to 75 degrees
Set the temperature in the guest bedroom to 74 degrees
Set the temperature in the living room to 75 degrees
Play classical music in the master bedroom
Play relaxing music in the living room
Lower the shades in the living room
Raise the shades in the kitchen

If you were asking an assistant to perform these tasks, you would likely tell the assistant all the commands at one and then expect him to execute them all at once. It would be unnatural to say one command, wait it for be done, then say the next command, wait for it to be done, then say the next …

Josh.ai is the only voice solution that allows you to say multiple commands at once to allow for this. Instead of one command at a time, Josh lets you say

Turn off the lights, set the pool temperature, set the temperature in the guest bedroom, then set the temperature in the living room, and play classical music in the master bedroom, then play relaxing music in the living room, and lower the shades in the living room, and then raise the shades in the kitchen.

Whether it is for flexibility or technology that no one else has, high-end custom homeowners have different expectations and a different set of requirements than the rest of the market. Josh.ai is built specifically with the high-end home in mind to fulfill those requirements. Josh.ai works with the custom channel to help provide the solutions that these high-end homeowners have come to require.

This post was written by Nader who heads Business Development at Josh.ai. Previously, Nader was managing partner at GenYrator and before that he was Vice President / Supervising Execution Trader at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Nader has an MBA from USC and a BS in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin. He likes to play volleyball, travel, and rock out to pop music.

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