My 2015

This year I moved to a new city, closed a company, made my first best friend in years, moved in with my girlfriend and started a new job.

Looking back, I think this year was about growing up rather than exploring. Finding the cracks and short-comings, rather than looking for the next thing to sink my teeth into. It’s also possible that it was just the year I couldn’t commit to anything risky. Who knows.

I learned that my ambition is bound by my daily energy. I’m not ready to be tired all the time yet, so I either need to find a magical drug, or get way better at maximizing my time. The latter sounds a bit less scary? Getting back to the gym should help. So should designing better code.

While certainly not a novel realization, I’m finding the tricky bugs to be the biggest time-sinks in my programing time. Eliminating these situations (or at least containing them) would completely flip my working life over.

I read more books this year than I have in the past 3 years combined. A grand total of 7 books, only 1 of which was fiction. I want to up that even more.

2016 Goal: Read 15 books, including at least 5 fiction.

Me and my cofounder closed up a startup this year. I’ve written enough notes about it that I don’t really feel like going into it anymore, but I will say that I will not let that ‘failure’ define me.

I didn’t learn a new programming language. I’ve had a healthy streak over the past few years of adding new languages to my arsenal. To be fair, my new job requires I code in Python all day, which is new to me, but it’s not new in any interesting way. This isn’t a slam on Python in the slightest, just a bit of tough love I’m applying to myself.

2016 Goal: Really learn a uniquely new language. Then build something useful with it. Then make it public. Possible options: Clojure, Rust, or Haskell.

I keep talking about wanting to sink my teeth into the product side of things at Cratejoy. Even better, I have been put on a great project with tons of autonomy. Something inside me keeps telling me to do what an “engineer” should be doing all day. It’s really annoying and it’s stopping me from getting product experience. That’s gotta stop, like tomorrow.

2016 Goal: Stop making up obligations and expectations that don’t exist and letting them hold me back. (a well-formed, measurable goal!)

I’ve talked about wanting to write more for years now. This year I posted one post. Just one. And it was a response to another post, so it really shouldn’t even count. This year I’m telling myself I’m either going to make a habit of writing, or give it up for good.

2016 Goal: Write some shit and hit post. Doesn’t even have to be good. 1 post a month.

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