How John Carlton *looted* my bank account (part 2)

I admit it — I’m a junkie.

I am a complete addict when it comes to marketing books and seminars.

It’s a little cheaper than actual heroin… but not by much.

(I laugh now when I hear my programmer friends complain about “expensive” seminars that cost $300 or $500. You have to tack an extra zero on there to get to the average price of most marketing seminars. And mastermind groups? Make it 2 zeros.)

I’m well aware of this addiction, though, which is why I swore off buying any expensive products when I first “went freelance.”

And I did well for a little while. I even resisted several REALLY tempting, legit once-in-a-lifetime offers.

But then I went and forked over $2,026 for John Carlton’s Simple Writing System course.

And what made my resistance crumble is a good marketing lesson.

When I was researching SWS (as it’s affectionately known), I stumbled across a thread on the Warrior Forum where SWS alum Kevin Rogers explained what made him decide to take the course.

He was a new freelancer, and he’d had some early successes. Even wrote a couple of sales pages that made his clients’ products into online best-sellers.

But he still felt like he was constantly questioning his skills. There’s so much great info online, and every time he read about a new idea or tactic, he scurried to try to incorporate it into his writing.

So he was battling this insecurity and information overload.

I’m sitting there, reading this, and nodding along. It’s like he’s reading me a page in my diary.

Because that’s EXACTLY where I was at the time.

And what he did next also got my attention.

He picked ONE guy. He decided that he was going to go deep with one great copywriter and learn everything he could from that master craftsman.

Kevin picked John Carlton, and he studied everything he could get his hands on that John had produced.

Now, this really resonated with me, because I’ve done the same thing with Perry Marshall. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a marketer, but Perry didn’t have enough material out there specifically about copywriting. I need someone to take me deeper.

And the person who taught Perry everything he knows about copywriting is John Carlton.

Then Kevin slammed home the final nail in the coffin:

He described how he took SWS, and he was paired up with an A-list copywriter as a mentor. His mentor ripped Kevin’s writing apart and made him rework it over and over…

And when he finished the program, he had NO doubts about his ability as a copywriter.


Rid myself of my insecurity forever?

Emotional hot button pushed — SOLD.

From there on out, it was really just a matter of satisfying my logical brain that this course was a good next step for me.

Kevin wasn’t writing a sales page, but that was some good copy. He read me a page in my diary, showed how the course would address my pain points, and made a big promise.

That’s what great copy does.

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