Less Captain America, more Ultron

I’m no comic book geek, but I thoroughly enjoy the “Avengers” movies.

I love the dialog in these movies — how the writers work snappy one-liners into deadly serious, world-ending situations.

For example, In “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” one of my favorite moments in the whole movie comes when arch-villian Ultron steals a whole warehouseful of the unbreakable metal the U.S. military used for Captain America’s shield.

“The most versatile substance on the planet,” he scoffs, “and they used it to make a frisbee.”


Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do something that’s every bit as wasteful and unimaginative with their #1 resource:

Their email list.

I can understand how it happens.

You work hard to get people onto your list. Writing blog posts, sharing content, building traffic to your site…

So it’s tempting to “play it safe” when comes to actually emailing:

Don’t email too often…

Don’t sell too much…

Don’t make anyone mad…

But what’s the point of *having* an email list in the first place?

If it’s not growing your business, it’s little more than a novel toy.

Is your email list ‘sleeping’? Here’s how to wake them up and start sending emails again.

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