The Noob Mistake That ‘Kneecaps’ Your Email Marketing

Recently a subscriber asked for my feedback on an email he’d written.

The email caught my attention instantly with the first few lines.

He was telling a story that I could relate to, and I was eager to see where he was leading me.

But a few short paragraphs later, my eyes glazed over.

I was so confused and bored I could barely force myself to finish the email.

Unfortunately the writer had already sent the email to his list, which no doubt cost him some sales…

What was this interest-killing, sales-murdering mistake?

And how do you avoid it?

I talked all about it in an interview I did a few weeks back on The Freelance Show podcast.

I also laid out the 80/20, bare-bones version of what to include in your first email course, and a simple technique I use to get readers going nuts waiting for the next “hit” to land in their inbox…

This interview is packed with good stuff — I’m told it’s easily the best I’ve given so far.

Click here to listen now:

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