My Trump Theory of Everything
Dave Pell

I think you’re absolutely right that Trump doesn’t actually want the job and that he’s fueled by resentments. No one who did want to win world so willfully ignore the fact that he needs to woo new supporters. No, instead he’s run a 100% red meat campaign that just feeds the base and holds up rally crowds as affirmation. They’re the ones who will follow him anywhere, especially of to an online media empire also fueled by resentments. As for Hillary, she definitely wants it, but I’d argue it’s not been anywhere as easy as she thought. She played the game – parlayed first lady to a popular scamp into a Senate seat – but then hit the skids against Obama and had to recalibrate as Secretary of State, a job one wonders if she was really into or all that good at. The foundation seemed like a good idea (and for those causes i’st helped, has been) but has been turned into a political liability. Then she faces Bernie who calls her on all the political maneuvering and makes for a longer, tougher primary that still stings. The problem for both these two is they sit at the ends of a spectrum. He’s an intellectually lazy egomaniac with no interest in the presidency, and she’s the bookish, over-calculating politician obsessed with the presidency. Being president should be fun!

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