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These are exactly the actions of a subscriber. It is great that you rely on seeing the publisher’s content in your main feed on social platforms. Still not the same as you coming to their site or app directly, but close! That is why we called out the subscriber group

Your point about “multiple entrances” is a very important one and we cut out that discussion as we edited down the post.

The key idea of a “front door” is that you expect something to come and you seek it out if it does not. The newspaper used to be delivered to your actual front door daily, and I remember plenty of times my parents calling the paper if delivery did not happen properly.

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Thank you for the thoughtful response. I found myself nodding along at every paragraph in total agreement. I believe that if publishers find value again by focusing on the core audience of loyal users, they will be able to grow those again. In the world of so much noise from everyone recommending something, I am optimistic trusted editorial voice may become more important again.

Om — these are great questions. The post was long and we were trying to lay out the basic framework “Casuals, Subscribers, Loyalists”. If sites even start looking at their user data in that framework, and understand referrers and repeat behaviors, it at least starts a lot of the conversations about how to creatively propose ideas and features to convert more users to regulars.

Media Companies: Don’t Let Your Traffic Run Out the Side Door

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Cord Amnesty Day

Dear Apple,

I love you. Or really I love your products. I use them all and they are the best I have ever seen at making technology feel like using products that work and not feel like “technology”.

But you are killing me slowly with cords. You change cord styles faster than I change hair styles. I can no longer keep up.

It is incorrect to say Twitter killed its platform — so many companies are and still are built on top of twitter data and information and Hootsuite itself is worth $1B+.

In addition it was critical for Twitter to have its own core apps across all of the mobile platforms independent of whether other apps existed. They even bought a platform app or two which is a nice reward for some developers. The…

Our Investment in Operator

Today from my smartphone I can talk to my friends and coworkers in so many ways — calling, texting, snapping, messengering, tweeting, slacking, and more. But if I…

Friending vs Following

Friending is so different than Following. I was talking through this with a few different founders over the weekend. Thinking out loud late on a Sunday night:

With “friending” as on LinkedIn, Facebook you are establishing a fact. You say “we’ve met in the past and want to be formally connected in case of something useful happening in the future”. On…