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Product Guy. I have worked on Twitter, Facebook Connect, Zazzle, LinkedIn, RealPlayer. Partner at Greylock, looking for crazy new things.

The only metric that matters

I've been lucky to be part of the early growth of several really interesting and now important networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. One of the things that I felt working on each of these is that we never looked at numbers or metrics in the abstract -- total page views, logged in accounts, etc, but we always talked about users. More specifically…

Our Investment in Operator

Today from my smartphone I can talk to my friends and coworkers in so many ways — calling, texting, snapping, messengering, tweeting, slacking, and more. But if I…

Friending vs Following

Friending is so different than Following. I was talking through this with a few different founders over the weekend. Thinking out loud late on a Sunday night:

With “friending” as on LinkedIn, Facebook you are establishing a fact. You say “we’ve met in the past and want to be formally connected in case of something useful happening in the future”. On…

Our Investment in Meerkat and the Power of Spontaneous Togetherness

Live video is one of the most powerful ways to bring people together when they are physically apart. It’s an…

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Hustle and getting hired by a startup

I was speaking to a room full of MBA students two weeks ago about investing. One of the last questions was a common question I hear from business students: “how can I get into a startup without a technical background?”

The room seemed surprised by my answer. I said:

“forget you have an MBA and start hustling.”

My love letter to an app long gone

A friend asked me how to think about investing in consumer opportunities really early — pre-launch and often pre-product. I said:

it’s really hard to predict exactly the combination of brand and features that will make users love and adopt something. It’s especially hard when you are looking with few to no early anecdotes, data, or feedback. But here are…


I’ve been thinking about tweetstorms recently and the idea of sharing a running thought stream vs a formalized and more structured post. I’ve been trying to grok what has made them so interesting for the tweeters (because now I see a lot of them) and why they tend to spark better conversations than most things on Twitter.

My First Computer Program Was A Game Log For The Super Bowl

The Big Game will always remind me of how I got started as a programmer, but more importantly, it will


My 2015 Resolution

Last year, my resolution was simple “Give more attention”. The good news is thinking about this has become a constant in my life. I have made real progress on giving more attention to my family, to the people I work with and hope to work with, and more. Having a simple mantra turned out to much easier for me to stay resolved than a long list of…

SmartThings, Samsung, and the Future of the Connected Home

It’s hard to believe that only 9 months ago we invested in SmartThings. Today it’s only become more apparent to us at…