Master of None. Am I failing?

Being a former business analyst turned Full Stack Web Developer has been an eye opening transition.

Exciting product! Exciting Times!

Over the summer I joined a growing team at a exciting startup called desirelist. Our team at desirelist is taking the guessing out of gifting by helping people organize their wishlist of things they desire.

Most of the initial development was already complete when I came onboard but I have had the opportunity to develop on top of a flourishing and growing product.

I inherited a technology stack that was built with NodeJS and a Javascript framework called RivetsJS. RivetsJS is very similar to Angular as it has the ability to control and manipulate the DOM via two-way data binding. That means if you update the model it will update the display on the screen in the browser.

Have I mastered anything? Am I failing?

One of the major hurdles since starting is that I have had to drink from a fire hose. I had to learn the idiosyncrasies of the technology stack and she can be angry sometimes because she doesn’t play nice.

With all the learning I have done it forces me to ask the question: Have I mastered anything?

Truly this is hard to answer but I have focused on perfecting my skills in ES5/ES6 javascript. Even though I am not using a framework like ReactJS or AngularJS, I have used new templating languages and lesser known frameworks. Focusing on syntax and style has been very important to me and ensuring that I document my code properly is key. While I may have spent a lot of time taking care of other technical needs like servers, research, strategy and security, this opportunity has allowed me to grow and understand what it takes to deploy a product through the full process.

I continue to have excitement in desirelist and the team. I encourage you to checkout our site and use it for your wishlist needs.

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