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“…smart and confident 20-something year old named Nathan Latka.”

If you have been following business podcasts online you will find a smart and confident 20-something year old named Nathan Latka. Nathan was a CEO/Founder and he just sold his company Heyo to Votigo. His podcast The Top ranks 73 on iTunes under the business category and aims to get to the numbers in peoples’ businesses so that he can help his audience grow their ideas into something amazing.

Nathan isn’t afraid of getting in his guests’ faces and getting them to explain their numbers. Just check out the episode where he really gets at it with Tai Lopez. This is what makes Nathan interesting and keeps me wanting to listen more. Yes sometimes I can hear his sales pitch, I know you have to close the deal, but every morning when I ride the “L” to work I say to myself I wonder what new book I will hear about during the “Famous Five” (Listen to the podcast and you’ll understand).

“it’s time for the famous five”

If you are afraid of someone who is a little edgy Nathan isn’t for you. You have to be all in and understand that he is going to ask the questions to his guests that will help you succeed in growing your idea or business.

If you happen to read this Nathan:
Keep being awesome.

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