Reflections on my first internship.

This summer I took the opportunity of undertaking an internship at United by Design a creative agency based in York.

I started at UBD after just finishing the first year of a BA(Hons) degree in Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art.
In all honesty towards the end of the academic year I was feeling disillusioned with the whole course, and graphic design in general. I needed something to rejuvenate me creatively and this experience proved to be 100% worth giving up time from the summer holidays to do so.

The 7-week internship helped me to overcome many challenges that I found in my work previously. This year I had become far too used to designing on my MacBook Pro with a tiny 13" screen, so sharing my work with others was usually a no go until the work was finished. So obviously it was a tad daunting upon arrival, that I was propped in front of two fairly sizeable screens, with all my work in progress on display to the studio. After my initial hesitation the system actually got the best of me, encouraging me to work more freely and express myself through the work, creating more concepts and enjoying the set briefs more. This in turn gave me the confidence to discuss my ideas with UBD’s designers Owen and Ross who gave great input and were awesome for helping kick-foward an initial idea into something worth exploring more.

At the UBD studio they have an awesome collection of books and magazines which over my time there enlightened me on so many new designers, illustrators, photographers and styles that I would never found before. Usually I am guilty of trawling the web upon receiving a new brief, looking for inspiration. However now I have found its much more beneficial for me personally to take a step back from the computer and find inspiration elsewhere such as in design books but also subjects not actually linked to graphic design.

The whole experience of working in a studio environment was so much better than I had expected. There is a really nice vibe to the studio which is comfortable and actually quite cosy to work in. In the studio there was usually the four of us including me; Owen (creative director/owner), Lucy (studio manager) and Ross (designer). Ross and I struck up a good relationship, where we shared the work of others that we admired and swapped music recommendations on a daily basis. It was particularly inspirational for me as I am currently studying design, to see how he had gone from university into work and started to make a living from industry, and the steps that he took to achieve this.

Overall the whole experience was hugely beneficial to me and I have a spring in my step and I am excited to go back and fully immerse myself into the course and study the subject that I love.

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