.gif animation ‘Find The Others’ by Josh Galletly

Who’s the vulture? You or culture?

A creative departure from bank guided streams

The entire spectrum of vibrational communication resides in an infinite field. We filter the bandwidth of that field through our signal receiving brain. The frequencies we do receive are restricted to allow us to navigate a (mostly) fathomable perception of reality. These vibrational frequencies are then described by language; a method of encoding our projection so that we can perceive it coming back to us as the reality we experience with our five accepted senses.

It’s the collective communication of both perceived and projected realities which vibrate the cutting needle that engraves the status quo into our subconscious mind. Like the first dubplate cut from the master in the recording process.

Culture is the master record
And collectively it’s dubbed
New tracks flow from the present
Not the grooves from what has passed
For it’s a continuous expression
In which NOW only exists
There is no past, there is no future
Yet hindsight’s within our reach
It’s called ‘awareness in the moment
As complexity unfolds’
And it’s drawn with future memories
Under illusion of times hold.

No statement should ever be made
Or viewed as definitive conclusion
Each expression merely comments
(And most fall to the floor)
But keep creating keep on writing
For you’re coding for mankind
Re-writing sub-conscious programmes
by reclaiming your own mind

Communications can’t be undone
And there’s no need to erase
We carry keys of every kind
To unlock perceptions doors
Keys to frequencies of resonance
Access souls that harmonise with yours
And keys of destructive interference
Subvert the language of toxic grooves
Shame only voices of deception
Speak truth in all that you exude

Explore jazz-licks of improvisado
Test the handles of all doors
Spooky action has me knocking
For it questions material minds
Coincidences filled with meaning
are of the excruciating kind
That stirring felt deep within
Your tounge caught by the cat
Sychronicity as Jung defined it
A sense our five cannot describe
For we’ve not yet grasped it’s frequency
It’s whiskers barely brush our mind
So abstract in nature
Like round planets in flat earths time

Entanglement across great distance
Connections made outside of Ryhme
We are one made up of many
Internal worlds can fall in line
For some resonance is insight

Recollections of past lives
Or recognition of reflections
from Beta Versions of Mankind
Either/or they are intriguing
Aligned meetings of concious mind

Implications of the Mandlebrot
Can help shift trapped paradigms
Fractal systems built with ‘cells’
Point to awareness of truths kind
By diverting mainstream culture
We can escape egoic minds

“Do you ‘like’ the things your culture does
Just because you think you should?
Are all your ‘guilty’ pleasures measured
Hidden in plain view?”
.gif animation ‘Bullshit or Gold’ by Josh Galletly
“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like” — Dave Ramsey

True power lies in the curlicues
The eddies and the oxbow lakes
Which dance along the levied edges
Of manmade Banks so false and straight
Guiding toxic River Capitalism
Steering current seas of corporate crime
Get busy; jazz hard, get stomping
Live life expressed upto the brim
By drawing strength from sharing gold
And stamping bullshit boundaries out
We reconnect with natural earth
‘Level the vibe’ as Half Pint shouts
Take a walk in Lou Reeds shoes
Answer yes to Hendrix’s question
And exercise all of your rights
Drive your heels into their dirt
And remind them of your worth
For once the levied banks start failing
Their lack of gold will be exposed
Void current seas of power
Redistribute them in the flood
And we’ll dance like gnostic deities
Sowing seeds to fertile ground
For there’s no restriction on expression
Once inner peace is found.