In the lead-up to the launch of The Disruption Dilemma (just one month away, pre-order here for hardcover, Kindle and audiobook), I wrote a couple of expository papers that have just been published in Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review.

The one in Sloan Management Review is free to access today and is called “Keep Calm and Manage Disruption.” It develops the theme that when faced with Christensen-style demand-side disruption, firms have lots of options open to them to react and fend off the disruptive threat. Moreover, from the evidence, it looks like many firms do just that.

The one in Harvard Business Review also appears to be free to access online at the moment and is called “The Other Disruption.” It focusses on supply-side disruption that is distinct from the demand-side forces usually discussed and also has a distinct implication that to fend it off firms have to be more integrative in how they conduct their business — in other words, none of this “self-disruption” stuff for that case.

The book, of course, has more details, cases and solid expositions of academic studies on this. But if you want just the “lite” treatment or a taste, these articles have what you need.

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