You’re Still Here

Time and time again we hear the success stories. The overnight sensations. The unicorns. The billion dollar exits.

This article is a toast to YOU. The one who people aren’t talking about (yet).

The fact that you work your ass off day in and day out. Slaving behind a desk from 9–6, and working on your startup or side hustle from 6–1am. Because you believe.

Making constant sacrifices in your personal life to pursue your calling.

You don’t have time to watch Game of Thrones…and people look at you like you’re a criminal.

You can’t wait for the weekend, because you get to put in 20+ hours for your thing.

You‘ve failed before. In fact you’re still failing a little bit everyday. But you know that failure is learning. And challenges are gifts.

People worry about you. They mean no harm, they just want the best for you, but they don’t want to see you continue to chase some pipe dream for the rest of your life…it may never happen.

You couldn’t imagine doing ANYTHING else.

Sometimes (or a lot of times), you feel alone, overwhelmed, crazy, outcasted and insecure. You want to give up.

But you don’t, you can’t. It’s worth all of this pain.

You my friend, are a survivor. And you are still here. So keep going. One day, we will be reading about you, because you fought through the challenges, overcame the hurdles, continued to persevere in the face of doubt, rejection and the way things are.

You did what you had to do, and you created something that you were meant to create. You have had a lasting impact on people. You’ve made the people around you better.

You are a role model. An inspiration.

Remember this, and keep surviving.