Top 5 Most Memorable Advertising Slogans of All Time

As people that grew up through the radio, television and now digital ages, our brains are ingrained with advertising campaigns from companies that span the spectrum of business and industry. Some of these slogans become so enveloped in our brains that we use the slogans of many popular companies in everyday life. The companies that create the slogans use advertising firms to come up with the slogans in an attempt to sell their product to the people and many great ad campaigns and slogans have done just that. And even though the list is endless, following are the top five most memorable advertising slogans of all time.

“Just Do It” — Nike:

Shoe companies are well known for their advertising campaigns in the competitive market that they compete in. In 1988, Nike unleashed the “Just Do It” advertising campaign when they were in a shoe war with other big companies like Reebok. The simplicity of the slogan is amazing as it leaves the consumer in wonder about how Nike can simply help them “do it.” Can the shoes make me a faster runner? Better basketball player? Jump higher? The campaign was better helped by the famous athletes that graced the media and billboard ad campaign. While Kobe Bryan, Roger Federer and Wayne Rooney graced the “Just Do It” ads from Nike, no other face goes with the campaign like Michael Jordan.

“King of Beers” — Budweiser:

Beer industry leader Anheuser-Busch is known for many of their flashy advertising campaigns and slogans, from the Budweiser frogs, to the Clydesdale and the “Whassup?’ commercials, no other slogan says American beer like being the “King of Beers.” Global giant Budweiser is a prime sponsor of many sporting events and the company name can be seen everywhere. And when a person thinks of Budweiser, they think of the “King of Beers.”

“I’m Lovin’ It” — McDonald’s:

The fast food and restaurant world is littered with great advertising slogans, but none is more well-known than the “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign from the fast food leader McDonald’s. When said out loud, most people will probably remember back to when the campaign debuted in 2003 and sing it in the catchy jingle that McDonald’s commercials originally had.

“Like a Rock” — Chevrolet:

In the highly competitive American vehicle market, manufacturers jockey for position in a competitive market and they take to advertising to often bash each other. But Chevy took a different route and utilized the famous song from Bob Seger to pinpoint all of the great features of their redesigned line of pickup trucks. Simple yet effective, Chevy trucks are now known by all to be like a rock.

“Be All You Can Be” — United State Army:

One of the longest running slogans for the United States Army’s recruitment efforts between 1980 and 2001, the “Be All You Can Be” slogan has prompted many young Americans to put their young lives to the test with the Army. For kids, the slogan has been effective in persuading them to join.

Josh Gruss is the Chairman, CEO and founder of Round Hill Music