LinkedIn Tutorial for Beginners

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Do you feel like your LinkedIn profile could be better?

Maybe you know you should update it, but you just don’t have the time. Trust me, I understand. It took me forever to finally update my profile. I had other pressing business. Other things to do.

Honestly, why does it matter?

A good LinkedIn profile means more clients, more customers, more jobs, more professional connections, more dates. Just joking…maybe. There’s actually a LinkedIn app that’s a lot like Tinder now. For real.

I joined LinkedIn in 2008. My profile stunk until about 2013. Like really stunk. I don’t think I even added a profile picture until 2011.

Since then, I’ve gotten my sh*t together. I’ve connected with over 5,655 professionals. I’ve gotten clients from LinkedIn. I’ve gotten job offers from LinkedIn. I’ve consulted professionals on how to improve their LinkedIn profiles.

In the video below are my suggestions for LinkedIn profile updates that will have the most impact for the least time input. Do these and you will be in the top 10–20% of people on LinkedIn.

If you’d like my free PDF report on more ways to boost your LinkedIn profile, click this link to get it free yo. 19-step LinkedIn Profile Checklist.

LinkedIn Tutorial Video for Beginners:

Here are 4 tips to boost your LinkedIn profile in the next hour:

  1. Add a great profile picture. Should seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t have them. Make sure it’s a professional photo (for your industry) and features your smiling face. LinkedIn profiles with pictures get 14x more views.
  2. Write a headline that sells you. Make sure you describe what you do, and what you offer to customers or clients. Here’s mine if you’d like to copy it. Helping Businesses Profit w/ Social Media Marketing | President — Redline Digital | Successful Social Media Strategist
  3. Make your Summary a sales letter. Write a personal statement that tells people who you work with. Describe how you can help them. Use keywords that you want people to find you for. Ex: Social media marketing, LinkedIn trainer, Website designer.
  4. Add all your relevant work experience. Tell people what you did. Tell them how you can benefit them. Use specific numbers if you have them. “I increased sales by $13.4 million.” Numbers capture attention and point to a specific result.
  5. Add lots of connections. LinkedIn is a connection driven network. The more people you’re connected to, the more people you’ll be suggested to under the “people you may know” tab on LinkedIn. Here’s the fastest way to add a bunch of connections from your email server. From your LinkedIn profile go under My network > Add contacts and then connect to your Gmail or outlook.

Hope this helps you crush it on LinkedIn! If I can help you, let me know in the comments.