MyEnergy Team — 2013

Dear MyEnergy, thank you for the 3-year journey.

A 3-year journey that changed the way I think, interact, work, and design. 

Today marks my 3-year anniversary as part of the MyEnergy/Nest team, but I’m not only celebrating what we’ve accomplished over the past 3 years — I’m also celebrating the end of an amazing chapter.

MyEnergy’s new home at Nest Labs is the perfect place for me to leave this product. It couldn’t be in better hands, and even though today I say goodbye, I wish everyone at MyEnergy & Nest nothing but the best. Together you are going to change the way people live their lives, and I can’t wait to see it happen.

Nest acquires MyEnergy — May 7th, 2013

I’ve been feeling just about every possible emotion as I prepared to turn the page, but today being my last day has clearly been the toughest.

Today will be the last time I open up our Campfire Chatroom to see the 4AM commits from our Lead Engineer, Jesse. It will be the last time I stare at 1000s of sketches and notes about trying to ease the process of connecting utility accounts. It will be the last time I do a “git push origin myenergy” (aka.. my moment as the designer to feel like one of you badass engineers).

And finally, it will be the last time I log into our crazy Trello boards that translate our hopes and dreams of what our product has and can become.

But what today won’t be is the end to the great friendships and value gained through this journey. There are so many takeaways I want to list, but instead I’ll sum up my experience of working on MyEnergy in 3 simple words:

Patience, Friendships and Respect.

Thank you

To our founders Ben & Greg, who from Day 1 gave me everything I needed to not only grow our product but grow as a person and as a designer. You took a chance on a remote designer that lived across the country, and for 3 years made me feel right at home.

To our team, for not only being hard-working & passionate, but more importantly for valuing, caring, and trusting in each other. I couldn’t be more proud of all 11 of you.Thank you for making this an experience I will never forget.

New Beginnings

Today as I close this chapter, I’m excited and anxious to tackle new challenges, meet new people and build more great things.

But before anything else, I’m taking a moment to breathe some fresh air and spend some much needed time with my wife and kids.

Thanks to all who contributed to this chapter. Here’s to the future! Cheers!

End scene.

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