HTML and CSS no problem

Get ride of that codephobia, its all a fugazi!!!

Not all code looks this complicated…


You god damn it!! Its about time you figured out how to do this type of thing. Its actually so easy I can promise you that it would take you less then 5 minutes to get started.

Why HTML and CSS?

Because with these two you can essentially build any website you want. More complex websites will be more difficult and you won’t have as much user interactivity but it’s a great way to get started.

What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language, which really doesn’t help you understand what it does. If you think about a house the HTML is sorta like the wood, concrete, nails, and everything else that goes into building a house. It’s the raw material that goes into your website, and helps structure and organize the text, media, and links. On its own it’s pretty boring, and looks like a blob of text, that’s where CSS comes in.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets, this name is a little more helpful than html, but it’s missing some explanation. CSS is the style of the website, if you go back to the house analogy CSS helps place the walls, and windows in the right place and lets you paint the rooms, all while allowing you to build some cool ass animations. This is what gives modern websites that sheak, designy feel that they were definitely missing in the dotcom era.

How do I start?

Text editor, like the built in notepad in your computer or something more advanced like atom, sublime, or brackets. I would highly recommend using Atom as it is free, awesome and what I use for pretty much everything.

Browser, yup the browser you are reading this off of works just fine.

Open a file in your text editor, and copy this line of code:

<h1>Hello World!<h1>

Save the file as anything you want just make sure that it ends with “.html”. Find the file on you computer and open it with the browser. Congrats!!!!! You made your first website.


Now for goodness sake stop putting it off like seriously RIGHT NOW!!! Drop everything else and spend 5 minutes following my “How Do I start?” Seriously if you can’t make it that far I am kinda disappointed in you, and you probably shouldn’t even read past this point….

What other tools can I use?


I have used Codecademy very frequently over the past several years learning the basic syntax for programming languages. It has a great tutorial that will teach you the basics of HTML and CSS. Code Academy has a premium membership and even though you don’t need it, if you feel like having a personal coach will help you get through the tutorials faster then go for it I have had a subscription for about a year and found it irreplaceable.

Code School

Code School tutorials are awesome they gamify the process of learning and it makes leveling up really enjoyable. I think that after a certain point you have to pay for the tutorials but if you just want to get the intro it’s a great way to start. And if you feel that you need more help the membership is well worth it.


Just ask YouTube. There are thousands of video tutorials and often I will come to YouTube as frequently as google for programming questions!!


If you get to the point where you want to start moving away from the tutorials and start learning it on your own, this is a great resource for HTML and CSS. It is extremely helpful and I still use it to this day to reference how to do things.

In Conclusion

There are two major keys to learning how to code. The first is being humble, accept that you do not know everything and understand that the programmer’s job is learning new things. The second is apply yourself, so many people call themselves software developers when they never build anything. I am novice in comparison to so many others out there but I wake up everyday and work on side projects so that I can improve my craft.

Find something that you are passionate about and build a website! If you actually completed the “How Do I Start?” step, then send this post to one of your friends and dare them to do it. If they can’t it means that you are smarter than them…

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