Why Christians Fear Holy Week
Drew Downs

I totally agree… it is why I went off script this week. I preached the triumphal entry on Sunday before we read the passion, then left silence after the passion. Then I changed to all Markan gospel lessons this week, reading the cleansing of the temple on Monday, the scribe asking the honest question about the greatest commandment on Tuesday (but then recapping, briefly, the gotcha questions and why in my sermon) and then the annointing and Judas’ betrayal today. It was powerful to me, I only wish we had more than 25 people there. I’m thinking about dusting off the Last Week and using it as a Lenten study next year, it doesn’t have the same punch from week to week as it does day to day in Holy Week, but we get 40–60 people for Lenten study. Thanks for this Drew, and blessing on your ministry, you are an inspiration to many.

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