Source: unsplash, picture by Tomas Anton Escobar.

Imagine a train with two coaches. One painted red and the other painted green, both are taking you from point A to point B and its been given there are no intrinsic differences between the properties of the Red coach and the Green coach yet it’s somehow decided that the price per ticket to sit in the red coach is 1.9€ whereas that in the green coach is 3€.

Which coach would you choose to travel in? Which coach would any rational person choose to travel in? The one painted red, for obvious reasons.

Layman Comprehension of Paris Metro Pricing

Now, let's add some context to…

Source: unsplash, picture by Adria Berrocal Forcada.

With the advent of seamlessly accessible mobile communications, one would assume that the reign of landline communications is long gone but is it really so?

To better understand the landline economics, it’s rather important to understand the taxonomy of various types of markets we have. Markets, where the number of prospective customers is rather skewed towards only one firm is a monopoly. Landline market or cable operators all come under this category. Then we have oligopoly which is a market with few competing firms, a good example for this would be the mobile service provides. …

I recently stumbled upon the movie called ‘Victoria and Abdul’ intrigued by what seemed a fairly unreal fancy plot, I researched thoroughly into it and to my surprise turns out it’s actually quite genuine. Released in the year 2017 the movie revolves around an Indian servant Abdul Karim whose close alliance with Queen Victoria raised quite a few eyebrows and disrupted the monotonous regime of the eminent British brood.

A shot from the movie ‘Victoria and Abdul’. Source: Google!

Although the movie did decent and was well received by the critics, in true retrospection what it really achieved was bring forth the story of the Indian Munshi. …

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