Web applications can be beneficial to your business. A Case study proving it.

Before giving you any facts, figures or share my own experience, let introduce my self real quick. I’m Darshan a web developer and programmer for over half decade and proud founder of AlphansoTech.

My professional career through the years have been mostly about the web, rather it’s web only! Based on my experience I would say a web if used properly becomes an integral part of any business of any size.

If you consider businesses and startups other than those started out in mobile app bubble. Businesses are all about real product and services. And if consider these traditional businesses they have a workflow and a definite pattern of work.

Before moving ahead with my point, I would like to point out that mobile apps are very useful to perform singleton tasks on the go. Meaning a real workflow would never be a single step or task only. It requires series of actions and inputs to perform a task! Mobile apps are not built for that purpose.

Before the web become a main stream medium, there were all desktop applications. You might have experienced them right from music players, dictionary, accounting software, word processing, spreadsheets, to complex ERP systems.

Web has changed the equations completely. You now use the online music and video streaming services instead of consuming physical media via desktop applications. All the other things like dictionary, accounting software, word and spreadsheets become online and so does the modern ERP systems.

If take a look at these modern online systems they are the perfect examples of web applications. Here is the link to the web is web application if you would like to learn more about that.

Web apps by no means are simpler or easier to develop. But they are by far the most easiest business solution to use. Guaranteed! Everything is visual, colorful, balanced in terms of colors, typography, graphics, and designs in web app development.

Being the founder of a custom web application development company, I regularly get consultation requests from various clients from very different business domains. I would love to share a case study from the OldGlobe theater San Diego.

Case Study:

The OldGlobe is a really big theater in San Diego. And when it comes to a performing arts theater, there would be thousands of things going on. Each show requires a unique set of setup. Construction and maintenance are kind of never ending process there!

They were using a desktop application for managing their accounting system. They have developed a custom desktop application system in-house in late 2000.

The main issue they were facing was the slow responding system. With any accounting system, the system gets bulky as the time passes. The old technology was not efficient enough to house all the data and offer faster operations.

They consulted us for a new system. A condition was, the new system we build must be compatible with their existing data. There should be minimum learning curve and must fit into their workflow easily.

We suggested them the web app development track. We took up the challenge for all the points they mentioned earlier. It’s a challenge, for sure it’s a challenge create something on front-end as well as back-end.

They are now able to use the new web application on their computers, tablets, laptops, and even on their mobile devices. Having a bird’s view on what happening inside accounting is an easy task for admins now. They can have a look at it on the go on their phones.

The solution really help them in two areas. One the speed issue they were facing with legacy desktop app is not solved. And the second portability has helped them improve their workflow and productivity. They don’t necessarily need to be on their department and on their PC to execute a task!

If you are a business and if you are looking for developing a solution that helps you optimize your workflow. I would highly suggest you consider web applications seriously.

If you are not sure what actually your business need. We are offering free consultation where we’ll be answering all your questions and addressing all your confusions. Feel free to contact us anytime for free consultation.