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Learning a new framework is always exiting but following a proper tutorial path over a month is pretty boring and to learn something quick the best approach is to create a project. In the case of SwiftUI, I can guarantee the excitement is on another level. The simplicity of SwiftUI allows us to develop the user interface quickly without even thinking about layout and constraints

So let’s create a project.

I want to keep this blog simple and quick just like SwiftUI, so we will not waste our time revising how to click on File > New > Project .. …

It is a lockdown period and we all have a lot of spare time. My Downloads folder is messed up with a huge number of files of different types. Every time I decide to clean that folder I go one by one and delete unwanted files. That is not a big task when the numbers are low. But this time there are 2000 files.

So one thing was clear in my mind, We need automation.

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I am a fan of shell commands and always fascinated by how big tasks can be done with a few lines. Now speaking to the point we need to create a shell script that will sort the files in the order in which it will be easy for us to keep what is important and delete what is not. …


Deepak JOSHI

iOS Developer | Computer Security Enthusiast

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