Learning Everywhere #1

Cool Things I Found This Week

  • Class Dismissed — A film about learning outside the classroom.
  • Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms a wonderfully white boarded TEDtalk on how to change education.

    Sir Ken Robinson addresses the fundamental economic, cultural, social and personal purposes of education. He argues that education should be personalized to every student’s talent, passion, and learning styles, and that creativity should be embedded in the culture of every single school.
  • The 7-Lesson Schoolteacher by John Taylor Gatto
    An essay by a school teacher on his experience in the education system.

Sharing interesting things I find that may help us in educating our children. I’m hoping this leads to others sharing as well. I’d appreciate any feedback in the comments.

A Few Personal Thoughts

I’m not sure the best way to engage ourselves and children with the most interesting subjects or how to approach problems worth solving. It is one of the most pressing problems I’m working on. As much as the traditional education system is lambasted as being outdated, teaching to the lowest common denominator, or a training ground developed for low skilled factory work and assembly line serfdom. It also is the same system that was attended by many brilliant leaders and innovators in the world today. There is much to be said of a well rounded liberal arts education that many universities provide albeit at a staggering financial cost.

Was the education system the catalyst of great results or an the opportunity to meld with relatable and like minded people that was the true inspiration for becoming a better version of ourselves?

These are some of the challenges when considering bucking the trend and joining the fringe. A fringe that in the past was stereotypically reserved for religious based home study. Often times moving the classroom into the home to have tighter control over the material taught. That fringe today has expanded to include a much more dynamic group from the traditional homeschoolers, unschooling at home with no set curriculum, free learning Montessori type programs or privately funded schools like Ad Astra started by Elon Musk that removes grades and focuses on students interests.

The fringe is expanding and I can foresee that over the next decade it becomes much more mainstream. I’m not worried about what is mainstream. I’m interested in fueling the passion in my children so that they can become all they desire and realize they are capable of helping others and solving the most pressing problems of our time.

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