KVAN — A feeling that everyone desires

Message of the KVAN:

If you have passion for something and you are lazy you still have a chance to make it big. As lazy person I sent my first 65 pages of unfinished book to more than 150 people online. After their responses I understood that I have no other way but to finish the book. I finished a book in 4 weeks and today more than 2000+ readers downloaded and read it as a PDF.

Introduction — Why I named this book KVAN?

I talk about the movie of Tom Cruise and Cuba Hooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire) and how these two men get together to achieve “KVAN” Especially the last scene of the movie where Cuba goes crazy live on tv when he get his “lifetime deal”. And he thanks Jerry for being his ambassador of KVAN.

Then there follows a letter to my two kids. I talk about my childhood and the importance of dreams and having a lifetime mission. I write this letter while my girl is very ill and I give them a message to fight for their “KVAN” no matter what.

Summary of book:

As an author I guide readers towards 7 questions they need to answer. I give my answers in a form of a my own life stories and cases. Then of course I give global examples as well. Such as David and Goliath, Eric Thomas, Gladwell, Brian Tracy and of course you. This examples serve only one purpose. If they did it you can do it as well. Here is the list of questions and some cases I share.

1. What are my fears?

- What stops me from achieving?

- Your fears set your direction.

-My struggle to learn swimming and speaking in English.

-My summer job experience in tourism.

2. Where to get my courage from?

- What is my reason for achieving?

- Find the “why” and “how” will appear

(Buster Douglass and Myke Tyson case)

3. Who am I?

- Who is taking the steps forward?

- It is impossible to make everyone happy.

4. What is my mission?

- I do what I do for those I care

- Your values is measured by the value you give to others.

5. What are my dreams?

- Where my dreams are taking me?

- If your dream is big enough the facts don’t matter.

6. What are my goals?

- Little steps that make big time success

- Those who work for goals never complain.

- My blog post about Steve Jobs that was visited by 78.000 visitors over night.

- 5 years of consistent execution of what Brian Tracey taught.

- Meeting with you face to face. Dreams come true!

7. What is my decision?

- My first 3D step

- Tony Robbins and the Ultimate Power

For additional info visit www.kvanoxu.com

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