Personal Branding: Social Media & Social Proof is The New JOB Resume. ✔️🗂

Social media & social proof is the new resume. ✔️🗂

Whether or not you want to be an entrepreneur or a business owner, you will be left behind without a personal brand. .⠀

I hear a lot of people say “should I start a business or get results before I start my brand?” NO. You need your personal brand to build a business! .⠀

Bosses and employers will start choosing employees based off of their personal brand and social proof more and more.⠀

Establishing yourself without credentials is essentially impossible — no matter what you want to do, a degree in something is required. However, there’s one problem with this — everyone looking to establish themselves has that same degree to some extent. It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing unique about a business degree when looking for, say, a cozy business job. That’s where personal branding comes in. ⠀

70% of companies and growing are using social media as part of their screening process , many more use it informally. So consider this: If a recruiter sees your resume and tries to find you on social media , you could get lost among the other users who share your name. ⠀

Not only that but if you post DUMB SHIT on your social media you won’t even stand a chance. It only takes 1 min, 1 post, 1 slip up to destroy an empire. Be smart with your decisions. When your parents told you things on the internet will be there forever, they weren’t lying. Everybody has a personal brand already, but if you’re posting no content, that means you have a shitty personal brand, so start building yours now⠀

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