These Are The ONLY 2 Things You Can Do With Money (1 Of Them Will Make You Rich)

When it comes to using money, you’re either doing one of two things. ⠀
1. Investing ⠀
2. Spending ⠀

Do you know how to invest? ⠀
Do you know how to leverage your credit? ⠀
One big mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make is not using their credit the right way, or building enough credit depth. ⠀

Debt is NEVER a problem. Income is. Debt is good. If you want to scale your business, you better be willing to go in debt. ⠀

If you think DEBT is the issue, it means you don’t know how to make enough money. So fix that problem first.⠀

Most new entrepreneurs bypass credit and look only on how to make money and when it comes time for them to get a job, house, car, or they just need some extra money… THEY ARE FUCKED⠀
 I wonder why none of your teachers ever taught you this🤔⠀

It’s the exact reason why 97% of the world has no financial literacy and is not fulfilled.⠀

The government wants to make us slaves to credit companies. Don’t fall into these traps. Learn to hack the system. The most important thing I can think of, even ask any successful entrepreneur is leverage.Especially leveraging CREDIT.

Want to learn how we hack the system and don’t become DEBT SLAVES?

Check out my favorite credit training system here.
It will be the last time you will ever have to worry about credit. ⠀

Just so you know you even need credit to get a good job, a car, a house, apartment, and student loans.⠀

You need it to scale a business to five, six even SEVEN figures a month.

But even if you’re not trying to make that kinda money and you just want an online side hustle, credit is still just as important on a micro scale.⠀ You need to understand, Jobs won’t accept you if your credit is bad, because it’s too much of a risk that you will default on payments. You will always have to pay 3x more on security deposits for purchases. ⠀
It will haunt you, your whole life if you don’t know how to build and leverage it.⠀

Stop spending money on dumb shit and learn to start INVESTING. ⠀

When you get a credit card. Use it the right way!!!💥

Watch This Video To Learn More About Credit Leverage:

The Author — Josh King Madrid

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