3 Talks on the Past, Present & Future of Life Under the Digital Sun

A quick listicle by Joshlama.

I’ve recently come across some fairly interesting talks given at various places which I think are, at least, very interesting ideas. At most, they help us understand where we are currently digitally , and where we could be at in the near future.

I’m yoinking a bit from an old post by Nathan Campbell. Ze Frank is the link between his post and mine. ☺

Please also note that I don’t agree with all the points in these talks, but they worth listening to none the less.

Lessons from ancient social media

Tom Standage

Tom is now the deputy editor for The Economist Magazine. He’s also known as a historian. His view of history is that many of our current ideas about humanity’s social community are much older than you think.

I’ve read recently his latest book, “Writing on the Wall: The First 2,000 Years.” He talks in this book about how the recent developments on social media are old ideas that date more than 2000 years. He looks at The Romans, The Protestant Reformation, The British Coffee Houses, and American Newspapers all having serious affects in how we see social media.

Maybe there’s nothing new under the digital sun…

The Human Test

Ze Frank

Ze Frank is…well…Ze Frank. He’s been pretty much an everything on the internet. In this short motivating talk, he briefly discusses why people make & post content on the web.

I think a good counterpoint to what Ze Frank is talking about in this video is some of Dr Michael Wesch work circa 2010, where he looks at how in an individualised society, we long for community. And we long for that community in different ways and means.

Also, a good follow up talk by Ze is his Web Playroom talk for TedGlobal in 2010.

The Speed of Outrage

Tom Scott

Tom Scott is a YouTuber who got me though Uni. I mean that literally; I referenced his talks and projects in a few essays. One of them was a futurist dystopian talk called Mob.

He’s moved on from this type of work; he’s off doing educational videos on linguistics, “Things you might not know” and computer science. However he still dabbles as a futurist speaker around the place.

His recent talk is worth watching. What’s changed in the last 5 years? Technology wise; not much, but our culture has changed a lot. He points to aggressive outrage and bullying which was at the outskirts on the internet 5 years ago has now come to the forefront. And he talks about technology that is coming that when implemented properly will amplify that even more.

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