Top 5 Infographics That will Change the Way You Travel

Traveling is great, but it’s even better when you are doing it right. Following are some great tips on traveling the right way.

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1. Healthy Plane Travel

Why do you need to know about this? Well because if you are going to be traveling a lot, then you will be on the plane a lot. Believe it or not, there are many ways to fly in an unhealthy way. This infographic will help you make sure that you stay healthy, and better enjoy your trips.

2. Backpack 101

Do you struggle to find a backpack that is right for you? Me too. There are other factors besides looks that influence how much you will enjoy your backpack. This guide is specifically for camping — how to pack, how to adjust bag to fit, and what to bring.

3. Best Seat On the Plane

I fly a lot. And the best thing in the world when I am flying is when I luck out with a good seat. Especially when I am flying for over 5 hours to Hawaii from California. For me, it’s all about leg room, and this infographic shows where you can get the most of that.

4. How Far Will 100 Euros Take You

I really like this infographic because it tells you exactly what you can do, where you can go, on a certain amount of money. As a poor struggling college student, I need to pay close attention to where all my money goes. Right now, on my budget, I would definitely choose to go to Goa, India over Iceland. Where will you go?

5. Luggage Packing Guide

I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten to the airport and been told that one of my bags weighs 70 pounds and the other weighs 30. Rearranging all my luggage is not fun in the middle of the airport. Do it right the first time.