CNA Week #7

Manning joking about retirement

At the Florida Forum Wednesday night in Jacksonville, Manning decided he would finally answer the ever so prevalent question as to his retirement for the coming season. Manning went on to say that there are a lot of people that wanted to hear his announcement about his future. His announcement consisted of this; “Papa John’s is offering 50 percent off tonight through Friday.”

Cops called on the Batman?

Cops were called Wednesday afternoon on Kam Chancellor, as he was expected to be involved in a potential robbery. He said he was interested in purchasing a closed down gym, and two women reportedly called the police saying that he was trying to break in. Kam said he was just trying to get a number to call about the gym, and was confused as to why these women decided to call 911.

Life before Stardom

Before Ronda Rousey was a household name, she lived in a small house in Venice, California. A soon to be released movie about Ronda entitled “In Her Father’s Eyes”, documents her life before and after it changed forever. Not only does the film show the darker side of her early life, but delves into why she became a fighter in the first place.

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