Stop reading. You’re wasting your time.

Lessons from an avid reader

Do you know how many books I’ve read over the last 10 years? Hundreds. I read all the time. I’m not bragging, but rather criticizing.

Here’s how my cycle works: I go to Amazon (curse you, for your simplicity in buying books) and I buy a book or two. I read them. I learn a ton of valuable information and then I repeat the process. But it’s not just books. It’s podcasts. It’s blogs. It’s news. It’s information. And it’s a waste of time.

I hear this saying all the time that goes like this: “Knowledge is power.” That’s crap. It’s wrong on so many levels, but for today, I’ll just focus on one.

Knowledge is completely powerless if not put into action. I’ll go one step further and say that knowledge and action are worthless if not put into action in your own unique way.

I could read 50 books a year and still do nothing with that knowledge. In fact, I already have (maybe not 50, but you get the idea). Great authors don’t intend for you to simply read their books. They intend for you to finish them. Put them down. Go to a quiet place. And most of all, create something for yourself!

I don’t know if you are one for challenges, but I am. So here’s one for you:

For 7 days, turn off the input stream.

Stop being an information collector.

Stop reading.

Stop listening to podcasts.

Stop watching the news.

Stop browsing Facebook.

Instead, sit down with a clear mind and all of that knowledge that you’ve already accumulated and DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Find a quiet place a create something. Or use that time to decide what you want to create. Just stop sucking up information.

Stop being a sponge. For this week, be a sprinkler.

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