Smile. Ride on. Life is beautiful.

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” — John Howard, US cyclist | PHOTO CREDIT: Roman Pohorecki, open source

Why Design

I seek to use my talents and skills to build a personal connection between individuals, communites, and their enviroment. Design principles and the design lens serves as my preferred medium to work with to evaluate and make system level changes.

Core design interests:

  • Design strategy
  • Design Development
  • User research
  • Futuring

Life History in brief

  • I am human
  • I grew up in Utah, USA
  • I enjoy eating from all food groups and macros
  • I played soccer and I wrestled
  • Utah State University: B.S. Nutrition, B.A. Communication Studies
  • I am a developing scholar in nutrition, biochemistry, and design
  • I am happily married
  • Carnegie Mellon: MA Interaction Design, MPS

Life goals

  • Have a family
  • Start and run an international medical school and supporting infrastructure
  • Visit every country
  • Explore Antartica
  • Be a mentor

Top Interests

  • Culinary arts: cooking, prep, plating
  • Cycling: mountain & road
  • Games: board & card
  • Books: business, economics, histories, & design
  • Travel: cultural exploration
  • Music: classical, blues, jazz, instrumental
  • Emerging tech
  • Mountains

Secret ninja powers/knowledge

  • Doer not a stewer
  • Finding cheap flights
  • Ballroom dance
  • Navigating the world with only one eye
  • Collector of random tidbits that may or may not be helpful in the future