Respecting my friends on Social Media

I go to college at Montgomery County Community College take computer class, I like to work on computers, fix them, even work on internet and security, my degree going to be in computer technology. i also like fix computers for my Friends when they are hacked, i like to kick the hackers out and ban them on all social media. Even some of my friends on social media like world wrestling entertainment superstars and total nonstop action wrestling superstars and special Olympics are get hacked by hackers and hit and even get bullied on all social media. I like the bulling to stop on social media. I want the bullies to get kicked off on social media because they are not respect social media rules. i follow all my celebrities friends on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you tube, and even google. i follow like john cena to Arnold Schwarzenegger and all the other stars as well too like, Stan lee from marvel comics to dc comics, even to my friend Steven cena from twitter , i like to back them up because every time i use twitter Facebook or periscope or Instagram or you tube we get hit by bullies and they make up fake accounts and try to hurt us and they wont stop hurt us, so i am take a stand on all social media to stop the bulling plus even the election come up is going to be really hard with: Donald trump ,Bernie sanders , to Hillary Clinton. i cant tell which one is going to win but i am behind them 100 percent in the election. No matter what happens on twitter i am still friends with them and i treat all my friends on twitter Facebook and all social media with respect