Using reviews to boost the power of your Tattoo Parlor’s website

Note: Please head over to the Review Embed Blog for the full version of this article, filled with extra tips, strategies and actionable insights. This will serve as a “snack-sized” version, for those looking to get a gist.

In a series of other blog posts, we’ve discussed and establish the incredible power online customer reviews can have on a business. They build trust in ways that was previously unfathomable on the internet. They show a website visitor consumer that your business is legit, that people have loved it, and turn that visitor into a loyal, and profitable customer.

Though reviews are incredibly powerful for tourism agencies, restaurants, and beauty salons, the influence reviews have are TRIPLED for Tattoo parlors. The reason seems fairly obvious, a stranger is putting permanent ink in your flesh, using a series of motorized needles. Reviews are the internet’s way of letting the customer feel confident, and at ease, that they’re making the right choice.

Today we’re going to discuss how you can harness the power of reviews to propel your Tattoo Parlor’s website into the stratosphere. You’ll learn how to stand out amongst your competition, earn your clients’ trust, boost the number of people who walk through your door, and thus significantly increase profitability.

Recap: Why Reviews Matter

  1. Reviews make prospective customers choose you over the competition.
  2. Reviews make customers trust you, which, in an online world, cannot be understated.
  3. Reviews were found to be the single biggest determinant in gaining customers from the internet.
  4. Most customers (63%) would not buy from a site that didn’t have customer reviews.
  5. Social proof makes repeat customers, and spreads word of mouth.
  6. Even negative reviews help, since customers trust you more after knowing you aren’t censoring the reviews.

Getting Customer Reviews For Your Business

You may now be totally pumped up on reviews, and are ready to start enjoying their benefit immediately. To help out, we’ve gathered some tactics some of the most successful shops have used to collect reviews.

GOLDEN RULE: Ask and you shall receive

If you’re still in business, chances are you’ve pumped out a few happy customers. Nine times out of ten *made up statistic*, those customers would be more than glad to give back and reward you for your wondrous efforts. Here’s are a few ways we’ve found successful at getting reviews, and you will too!

In your shop

When a client is checking out that rad new dragon on their shoulder, they’re most likely ecstatic with how beautiful it turned out, and willing to go beyond paying you money to thank you. This is a prime opportunity to pop the question. Since they’re most likely already uploading their new ink to Instagram, and were Snapchatting the whole process, it’s safe to assume that they wouldn’t mind heading over to your Facebook page, and dropping a quick 5 stars for awesome service. Also, by capturing their reviews “before the ink has dried,” you’re able to bypass buyer’s remorse- something many of us are all too familiar with.

Blast Your Email List

Do you have a weekly newsletter? Do you make people sign a consent form that asks for their email address on it? Have you ever run a contest to gather email addresses? Awesome! If you’ve put in the time to build up an email list of previous customers, that can be insanely valuable. Showing your human side, a quick email blast asking customers to tell the world what they think about your shop would most likely show huge results. All reviews are valuable, so don’t worry about having a high response rate, even 2–3 could go a long way!


This may be considered a bit of a last resort, since if you’ve already done a great job, people would be happy to review you for free, but some people need that extra little motivation. It doesn’t have to be big, but something like a free keychain, bumper sticker, or 30 minute consultation could go a long way.

Social Media

Tattoo shops are some of the most followed pages on visually-driven social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat. If you’ve already invested in building up a social media page, you could make a few posts about the importance of reviews to help you grow.

Show Appreciation

In my previous startup, we ran an experiment where we would actually thank every person who followed us on Twitter. It was super easy to set up using Zapier, and we saw great results. The people we thanked (e.g. “Thanks for the follow @spaceman22, we hope you find money in an old jacket”) almost always favorited the tweets, or even retweeted them, resulting in even more exposure. The same principle can, and should, be applied to reviews. When someone reviews your page, show them some love on social media, or even with a personal message.

Website Banners

Digital marketers have known for hundreds of years that, when building a business’s website, welcome bars and pop-ups, though slightly annoying, are hugely effective. If someone’s coming to your website, it’s probably because they love you. If they love you, maybe they’ll review you? Again, all you have to do is ask. There are a couple great tools for this, including HelloBar and GetSiteControl. You can see an example of a GetSiteControl popup below. All you’d have to do is ask for the visitor’s help, and direct them to your Facebook page.

Importance of Consistency

Look at you! If you’ve followed the different methods in the previous section, you’ve probably become an online powerhouse, and customers are pouring through your doors at an alarming rate. You have more reviews than you know what to do with, and you might even look like this:

<iframe width=”420" height=”315" src=”" frameborder=”0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

However, now you’re faced with a whole new problem. You’ve loaded up reviews on your Facebook page, but maybe your Yelp account is slacking, or Google isn’t showing your Facebook reviews. Not a problem, all you’ve got to do is reach out to those same clients who reviews you the first time, and ask them to take 30 seconds and copy paste their previous review. Offer them a free high five or something.

This step cannot be underestimated. If customers see all your reviews in one place and not others, they may get a little suspicious. More than that, very few customers are willing to spend time looking across every single platform for all of your reviews. Obviously, the most important place to show off your reviews is your website.

When customers come to your website, you’ve got them on the hook, and they may be seeking some more critical information to lock down their decision. They may be checking if you’re close to them, or when you’re open, but as we enlightened souls know, they want the confidence and reassurance that comes from other peoples’ reviews. Thus, in this case, for a buyer at this stage, it’s not enough to just have reviews on your Facebook page, they need to be everywhere.

Facebook, for some reason, offers no easy way for small businesses to import their Facebook reviews to their website. For that, there’s Review Embedder. Review Embedder will make sure your brand image, and customer confidence, remains consistent across all platforms, without you having to think about it. You can choose which reviews you want, and which you don’t, ensuring you’re harnessing the full power of online reviews.