Stress can do really funny things to you. A little stress sneaks into your life, it plays with your mind, focuses your mind in a pessimistic way, which then invites more stress.

When this stress starts to compound it can turn into anxiety and depression which then leaves you powerless and without the energy to fix what has you down. It can even lead to sickness and the decline of your health.

Small stresses should be avoided at all costs in order to keep them from starting this chain reaction. If one little stress finds a way to sneak past your defenses, try your best to handle it in the moment, before it starts the snowball effect.

Little stresses are beatable, but sometimes our defenses are powerless against depression.

Avoid the compounding effects of stress and try your best to be aware of any small stressors.

Working through these means more freedom, a sense of feeling “light”, and it makes certain we’re always doing what we need to, to have the life we want.

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