Future of the Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have always been a playoff team ever since i was born. Literally. The last time they didn’t make play offs was the 96–97 season. I was born in 97. The Spurs then drafted Tim Duncan with the number one pick that summer and haven’t looked back. The core of Parker, Manu, and Duncan have won over a thousand games together. But now the big three are seeming to come to a complete end now that Duncan has already retired, Manu is unsure if he will play next year, and Parker on the twilight of his career.

Sure the Spurs have a good core in Leonard, but the biggest question mark for them is LaMarcus Alderidge. The Spurs need to make a decisions to keep him or not. If he plays anything like he did during the playoffs then he is not worth a max contract that he is signed to. This is going to be a tough decision because they know how good of a player he can be.

Another question that the Spurs need to answer is how much longer will Coach Pop keep coaching. He has said that he wants to continue coaching Leonard and that he loves what he does, but you have to question his age. But without a doubt if Pop stays the head coach of the Spurs they will be a contender for the champion, and even when he leaves I’m sure he will appoint someone to take his position nicely.

The Spurs also have a lot of young talent that they can build off of. Jonathon Simmions and Kyle Anderson seem like two stand out players they Spurs can build around looking to build a “New Big 3”. With the loss of Leonard in the Western Conference Finals The two of them played big minuets and never stopped fighting vs the Warriors.

All for all the future of the San Antonio Spurs is looking bright and I am hopeful for another 20 years of competitive basketball from them.

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