Whose Team is the Warriors

All season long there has been a narrative surrounding the Golden State Warriors, whose team is it? Is it 2 time reigning MVP Steph Curry? is it MVP and 4 time NBA scoring title holder Kevin Durant? Or is vocal leader Draymond Green? Of course the Warriors are currently 10–0 in playoffs but I still think this is an interesting topic to discus.

Lets start with an argument for Curry. We all know how deadly Steph can be from 3 point distance, but has he given away the lead player of the team? This season Curry has had to obviously take on a smaller role with the addition of Durant. Some may say too small of a role. Curry was down to 25.3 PPG during the regular season while last year he led the NBA in scoring with 30.1 PPG. So, he’s taking less shots which is true, but he has been less efficient this year compared to last year. his 3P% down 4 percent and his overall FG% down another 4%. This may not seem like big drop offs but for someone know as a shooter i personally feel it is a good representative to how Curry might have had trouble filling into the system of adding a new super-star in Durant. Curry is still an unbelievable talent, but there is no doubt that he had trouble getting into his groove.

The biggest free agency signing since LeBron signed to Miami, Kevin Durant on the Warriors. It still sounds surreal, but nonetheless Durant’s Stats have also seen a dip from playing on a different team. His PPG are down 3 points from when he was on the Thunder. Oppositely from Curry though even Durant’s efficiency has increased by 3%. Durant has always been the type of player that quietly scores 30 on you. I think that is what makes this Warriors team so scary they can beat you so many ways and you don’t even know what happen to you. You can also give Durant a little bit of leeway for being injured for 20 games this season. He has filled his role for the team and has excelled from his contributions.

Draymond is a a little bit different when talking about whose team it is. Even though he has the stats to back up he is much more than that in my opinion. He is a defensive leader making sure every player is following their assignments. Draymond is not afraid to call people out on their bullshit. That is what makes him a great leader. There is a clip of him getting in Durant's face after a bad offensive set by Durant. some people were saying that Drymond crossed the line, but I remember in a Kevin Durant interview where he said, “this loss is on me” following the confrontation.

So whose team is it? Durant said on the Bill Simmons podcast when talking about Durant perhaps making it his team, Durant replied, “I look at my self as a team player…. any given night it can be anyone's team, its our team that’s the thing. People are so caught up in this basketball world asking who is the alpha? what the fuck is that?” My main take away from this is that even though that Golden State has great players it is the team atmosphere that carries them through.

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