What we look for when sourcing and evaluating our next cohort.

Applications are open for Matter Eight. In conjunction with our launch we wanted to demystify the process we use to evaluate companies. At Matter we look at five critical elements when making the decision about whether to invest in a startup: media, stage, mission alignment, team, and venture basics. …

The summit on misinformation actually made me optimistic about the future of news and journalism.

Let’s start with this: if you don’t know what Misinfocon is or what it’s all about, you should. The summit, which took place the last weekend of February at the MIT Media Lab, brought together 200 thought leaders tackling misinformation who care about trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience.

Are you a mission aligned, for-profit, early-stage media venture with the right team at the right time that’s ready to change media for good?

Media is under siege, which means so is our democracy — but there is a silver lining. Now more than ever, founders have the opportunity to effect a positive change on society and we are looking for the teams that are up to the challenge.

We believe the seeds of…

Josh Lucido

Searching for media startups, adrenaline, and chocolate milkshakes.

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