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Leading a new product initiative at Facebook and investing in early-stage startups at Betaworks. Previously CEO and a Founder of Branch.

Tenth Grade Tech Trends

A few months ago, my fifteen-year-old sister told me that Snapchat was going to be the next Instagram. Many months before that she told me that Instagram was being…

Main Street WWW

In 2012, Branch was raising its first round of funding, and I was standing in the board room of a top five VC firm on Sand Hill Road.

By that point, Branch — called “Roundtable” at the time — had picked up some good momentum. We hadn’t met Ev, Biz and Jason yet but we were organizing debates supported by paid sponsorships, had good press coverage, and even…

My new hypotheses is that the most successful technology products are either revealing or redefining. It’s still a raw and untested hunch, but it feels like everything that works falls into one of two buckets:

  1. Revealing products unlock new market segments that did not exist before.
  2. Redefining products are such an improvement over existing offerings in a market that they redefine…

How our community is building and shaping Rooms

Coming up with great ideas in the shower is a lot of fun. Of course, data can often be instructive and inform product decisions, too. But…

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How Do I Write?

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Main Street WWW

How would you make things better? Share ideas for products (or product improvements).

We Are All On The Same Team

In one of my first reviews with Mark at Facebook, I got into a constructive but passionate debate with Sheryl Sandberg. It was a quintessential corporate dilemma where the best decision for the product may not be the best decision for the company.

At the time, I just couldn’t understand her perspective. Why was the policy and comms side of the…

Throwing a Party Without The Host

How users are hacking discovery into Facebook #Rooms

Twenty-four hours ago, we launched Rooms, and something crazy has been…

Eleventh Grade Tech Trends

Just over one year ago, I typed up notes from an informal conversation with my sister and satirically titled it, “Tenth Grade Tech Trends.” It struck a chord. The…

The Electricity Industry

In a recent column for The New York Times, Jenna Wortham argued that, “…no New York start-up has been a breakout hit, the sort of blockbuster with a multibillion…

Tomorrow’s Social Products

In response to a question from a co-worker, I wanted to share some thoughts on where I think the next innovations in social will come from. Specifically, there are…

Why I’m Bullish On Facebook

Featuring Parents, Christmas Cards, and Social Capital

Over the past year or so, talk of Facebook’s decline has been a popular topic…

Tarot Cards and Tech Products

The other day, I told my father that I was amazed at how many psychics inhabit storefronts on busy streets in Lower Manhattan. How in the world do they pay…