Apr 12, 2017 Ep 69 Saving money for a farm Part 2/ Bitcoin saved & Steemit

We hit Part 2 of saving money for a farm or save it once you’re already there. Bitcoin might not need to split after all. Are felons really fixed, then why can’t they be normal people again, treated like the rest of us? The parasite isn’t a HUGE outbreak, so calm down. Medium and Steemit might be taking off, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Saving money for a farm

  • Homestead animal of the Day: Kiko Goat
  • Digital currency: Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Might not be a split or “fork” after all, but we’ll see
  • Part 2: Saving money to get a farm & after you get there
  • Felons & the road to redemption
  • Serious parasite in HI, like a bullet to the brain
  • Medium
  • Steemit

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